Centralia's Mrs. Mayer gets to put the pie in Salem's Mrs. Parrett's face on Friday!

Raccoon Grade School's sports booster club raised $840.00 for the Shriners! Raccoon students and teachers dressed up and raised money for the Shriners in the Money Wars. Centralia vs. Salem is our theme the week before the traditional Shrine Classic football game between the Centralia Orphans and the Salem Wildcats. Centralia won the Money Wars which means the Salem representative and junior high math teacher, Mrs. Kristen Parrett found a pie in her face from Centralia's Mrs. Laura Mayer, junior high science and social studies teacher. Fun was had by all and even Mrs. Johannes, superintendent, found a pie in her face too!

This is the 5th year Raccoon has donated to this cause with close to $5000 raised.